What we do

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The common perception that consultants are engaged to shake things up, change everything, “streamline” staffing practices and walk away is completely at odds with the approach Winton Consulting takes.

Instead, we capitalise on the client’s strengths and past achievements by developing cohesion through strategy and a common direction that enables the organisation to work smarter, leverage existing knowledge and capabilities and eliminate the duplication of effort.

More importantly, we take the long view that it is vital to implement solutions to systemic problems to ensure sustainable changes that will take your organisation into a profitable, robust future.

Not-for-Profits and Charities

Winton Consulting partners with charities and not-for-profits to forge and implement self-sustaining strategic direction across the whole organisation – strategy, operations, systems and people.

We’ll work with you through practical guidance on how to optimise the strengths of your organisation; as well as show you how to take the guesswork away from sound strategy setting, business improvement and people management so you can get on with the business of changing people’s lives.


Maintaining profitability while continuing to meet the needs of the market is becoming increasingly challenging across the corporate sector.

Winton Consulting partners with corporates to achieve operational excellence and long-term profitability: capitalising on your business acumen, market knowledge and past success. We’ll help you create cohesion, a clearly laid-out strategy and a common direction that enables your business to work smarter, leverage the expertise of your people and eliminate duplicated effort.


Governments are working to respond to the enormous demands made on them to provide effective public policy, quality services and value for money. This is particularly true of the local government sector.

Driven by the NSW Government reform agenda (Fit for the Future) councils are being challenged to ensure they are well placed to continue to lead, support and work collaboratively with their local communities in a changing landscape. Successful councils will be known for their creative and innovative solutions, sound business acumen, strong leadership and engaged workforce.

Winton Consulting has the expertise to guide councils towards long-term sustainability through the integration of their strategic, operational and organisation priorities.