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Clare Dunnicliff

Clare Dunnicliff

As the founder of Winton Consulting, Clare is passionate about leading, managing and generating change and is driven by a desire to transform organisations by creating clarity out of uncertainty.

Clare brings to Winton and its clients a visionary approach, underpinned by a courageous nature, which helps to skilfully guide organisations to build strength and capability through realising untapped opportunity.

“My experience over the years has taught me that the old adage ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ is true, and perfectly describes what we aim to do in Winton,”

Clare’s commitment to working closely with organisations to improve long-term success, effectiveness and sustainability is delivered through developing effective strategic leadership, self-sustaining cultures, performance planning, development and management, learning and knowledge sharing, and workforce planning.

Before establishing Winton, Clare held an executive leadership role in local government working directly with the General Manager and senior leaders to manage the organisation’s strategic framework. Her role was responsible for providing strategic direction to staff in the development and implementation of plans, programs, policies, procedures and systems, as well as advising on complex strategic and operational performance. A believer in lifelong learning, Clare’s practical knowledge and professional experience has been complemented with ongoing formal and informal learning and development, including undertaking academic study, attending industry seminars and workshops and holding membership of key professional bodies and associations.

Clare holds a Master of Management, Foundations of Human Resources and Bachelor of Business (Distinction).

For more information about Clare’s career and networks, go to https://au.linkedin.com/in/clare-dunnicliff-4947511a.

Louise Houlcroft

Dr Louise Houlcroft

Louise is passionate about building better relationships whether that is through honest conversations, shared learnings or challenging boundaries.

Her inquiring mind and published doctorate studies underpin a deep understanding of personality and human behaviour. Louise is highly regarded by the Winton team and clients for her natural curiosity, insightfulness and communication skills.

Louise utilises this knowledge and ability to assist organisations better manage change. This is also supported by academic and professional expertise in the areas of data collection, collation, analysis and interpretation, which provide Winton and its clients with accessible and measurable information to inform evidence-based decision.

Louise has broad experience as an internal and external service provider working with large and small private and public sector organisations across a range of industries including retail, education, state and local government.

She has contributed to organisational activities such as workplace investigations and the review and development of policies, procedures and systems. Her participation in projects in the specific areas of misconduct, non-conforming process/procedure and dysfunctional workplace has developed her passion for industrial and employment relations issues.During her academic career to gain her Doctor of Psychology and Bachelor of Psychology (Hons 1), Louise received a number of awards including the Australian Post Graduate Awards Scholarship, presented to students of exceptional potential undertaking a higher research degree.

For more information about Louise’s career and networks, go to https://au.linkedin.com/in/louisehoulcroft

Sue Murphy

Sue Murphy

Driven by an inherent desire to develop talent and build capability, Sue naturally assumes the role of coach and mentor.

Sue is an enabler with a common-sense approach who advises at both strategic and operational levels. Adept at challenging the status quo, Sue expertly advises Winton’s clients on restructuring and organisational change management programs to create custom HR structure along with core process and procedures.

With more than 30 years’ human resources experience across public and private sectors in a broad range of fields, Sue brings a wealth of HR generalist knowledge to Winton. Sue’s areas of expertise include project management, organisational development, workforce planning and policy, procedure and template development and implementation.

Across her varied roles, Sue has managed complex workplace grievances and disputes, negotiated individual workplace agreements with unions, developed performance management review programs as well as project managed and delivered local government workforce plans.

Sue’s capability and expertise as an executive coach allow her to work closely with leaders to develop skills that will enhance performance and business outcomes. She is actively involved as a coach and mentor in various organisations, supporting teams to deliver best practice HR principles and guiding firms to their next stage while sustaining strong client relationships across all levels.

Sue is a qualified Workplace Mediator, certified Return to Work Coordinator and has completed a Diploma of Management. She is currently completing a Bachelor in Business Management at Swinburne University.

For more information about Sue’s career and networks, go to https://au.linkedin.com/in/sue-murphy-8ab58432

Judy Jaeger

Judy is passionate about setting clear direction and purpose, and providing opportunities for development so that individuals and organisations can better embrace change and achieve sustainable business outcomes.

A natural leader with a focus on building genuine, trusting relationships, Judy expertly guides organisations to be strategically-focused. This ability is support by high level skills in critical business operations, including information technology, procurement, fleet and property management.

During her broad and extensive career as an executive leader in local government, Judy specialised in leading organisational change at the highest levels, providing guidance and advice to councils and their key decision makers, as well as facilitating expert liaison with other associated authorities and stakeholders.

She has been responsible for leading major change programs to improve financial sustainability, deliver cost effective and efficient services, and re-engineer organisational structures to ensure they are outcome and customer focussed.

Judy has advised at senior levels on social, recreational and cultural planning across local government areas and has lead multi-disciplinary teams to deliver significant economic, community and cultural programs and services. These have included major initiatives that have supported improved outcomes for the arts and culture, environment, disability services, libraries, sport and recreation facilities.

Judy holds a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, and a Certificate IV Quality Management.

For more information about Judy’s career and networks, go to https://au.linkedin.com/in/judy-jaeger-7274aa32

Kirsty McDonell

Kirsty McDonell

Kirsty is passionate about building values-based relationships with individuals and organisations to achieve collaborative goals.
Being outcome-driven and detail-orientated, Kirsty strives to make a difference whether it be through recruitment and selection, onboarding, learning and development or performance management. She is particularly proud of having partnered with TAFE to seek funding to develop a program to improve the literacy and numeracy levels across an outdoor workforce over a two-year period.

Kirsty brings to Winton over 20 years’ experience in local government, and has experience as a generalist HR practitioner, line leader and strategic advisor. As a result, she is adept at the policy and procedure review, interpretation and implementation, corporate system development and implementation, and data collation and analysis.

Kirsty is experienced in development of workforce management plans, the negotiation of workplace agreements and facilitation of workplace investigations.

Kirsty holds a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources). She has also completed training in Workplace Training and Assessment, Frontline Management and Project Management.

Tony Houlcroft

Tony Houlcroft

A strategic thinker and trusted advisor, Tony is passionate about assisting individuals and teams generate ideas, assess solutions to determine their validity and work effectively to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Tony has demonstrated ability to understand organisations and to effectively partner with them. He is proactive, deals with issues as they arise, and is professional and thorough. Tony has a record of developing constructive relationships with leadership teams, staff and unions and has managed consultative processes with commitment and a clear goal. He has played a significant role in successful restructures and major transitions.

Tony leads by example and has been a highly respected member of executive leadership teams and three boards. His contribution has been highly valued by Chief Executive Officers.

With more than 40 years experience in public and private sectors, Tony enhances Winton’s capability in assisting clients with change management, human resource management and industrial relations. Tony has specific expertise in workforce planning, enterprise bargaining, negotiation and advocacy, grievance and dispute resolution, performance management, policy development and implementation, recruitment, learning and development, remuneration, health and safety, as well as workers compensation and injury management.

Tony has also developed, delivered and assessed management training courses in Australia and overseas.

Tony holds a Master of Human Resource Management with Merit.

For more information about Tony’s career and networks, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-houlcroft-72137a59.

Jo Armstrong-Smith

Jo is passionate about building and maintaining relationships to fully understand her client’s needs. She is driven to identify and provide effective learning and development opportunities that leverage potential and produce productive, positive outcomes.

A resourceful, highly-skilled professional, Jo brings to Winton and its clients outstanding engagement and interpersonal communication skills. Jo is a compassionate person who values and respects individuality and who thrives on working to empower people to be their best.

Jo has a number of years of experience as an HR generalist specialising in organisational development and learning and performance development. Her specialties include training and development, program design and facilitation, leadership consulting and skills development, coaching for personal development and life counselling.
Jo has qualifications in human resources, training and development, project management and counselling.

For more information about Jo’s career and networks, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephine-armstrong-smith-9b758036/.

Jane Mendelson

With more than 20 years’ experience across the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, Jane’s passion is working with organisations and teams to manage change and help them identify business and process improvements.

As a strategic business and performance improvement executive with high-level project and program management and organisational development skills, Jane has worked closely with Boards, CEOs and senior staff across a broad range of organisations including Hunter Primary Care, Calvary Retirement Communities, Alzheimer’s Australia National Office, Lake Macquarie City Council, City of Newcastle Council and the Royal Australian Air force.

Supporting Jane’s experience is a base of graduate learning including a Masters of Management, a Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Professional and Workplace Counselling and a Certificate in Public Participation.